September 15, 2017
In his heart, Brian T. Wortel believes strongly that a combination of healthy eating and healthy physical activity is usually a primary factor in improving the quality of one’s life. That, combined with an improvement in attitude and mood, makes life worth living, and eating healthy has everything to do with how well a person feels, as well as their perspective on life itself.
Brian Wortel
If one thing can be said about Brian Wortel, it is that he tries everything he can to make his life better, calmer and more fun. He has experienced many great things in his life and he would like to continue living life to its fullest. That is why his focus for many years, including current times, has been on developing and maintaining his physical and mental health to the extent possible. Brian Wortel participates in a complete and rigorous workout at his favorite gym almost because those trips to the gym seem to relieve the stress and the tension he feels. Besides that, workouts are really a lot of fun.